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Azaj Info Solution - No.1 Data Entry Projects Outsourcing Company.

Voice/Non Voice, Online/Offline, Domestic/International, Data Entry/Form Fillings Projects. Cheapest Web Design and SEO Services.

Azaj Info Solution is an Outsourcing and Consulting Company just at your service, catering to any and every need of yours. We provide a fresh approach with professional, cost effective solutions to many of contact problems facing businesses today, through a number of diverse, telemarketing, web marketing and back office services to all industry sectors.

At Azaj Info Solution, you find your concerns dissolving to turn into bespoke solutions to set a trend for further growth and success. Our value added services for your business, be it of any size, volume and depth are: Data Entry & Conversion Service, Forms Processing, Web Design & SEO, Consultancy, Bussiness Support, etc.

While we provide our customers the above services, delivering professional solutions tailored to their requirement and assisting them to increase their productivity and profitability, they have all the time to focus their energies to their core business and key customers.


Advertise With Us

Submit your website/blog/product/services details to us and within a week, our members will do unique classified ad posting to top 1000+ classified websites, article submission, press release submission, backlinks generation from relevant blogs/forums/websites, 3000 whois backlinks generation using our special software, Social bookmarks and profile in social networks....Readmore...


Voice/Non Voice Projects

Available genuine voice/non voice, online/offline, domestic/international projects. Direct signup with the client. Centers with minimum 5 PCs can work on our projects. Total help given on how to start your own bussiness. Training and full time support for our projects is provided. Do not waste time, find a project for yourself today.... Readmore..

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Home-based Jobs

Ad posting job, Data entry job, Form filling job for students, housewives, retired persons to work at home. See the demo, FAQs, testimonials, payment options and decide then. Minimum requirements is basic knowledge of computer and internet. Work from anywhere. Taking work from here, you can really make a nice monthly income. Find one job for yourself.... Readmore...


Buy Software

Softwares available for HTML Tagging, Form Filling, Conversion, Proof reading and many other Voice/non voice projects. We do even give conversion service at affordable cost. Conversion software (image to doc/text, pdf to doc/text), MIMS and CCVP form filling softwares availble on rent. Also available traffic generation software, web building software, ad posting software, affiliate marketing software etc....Readmore...


Web Design & SEO

Contact us for affordable website design of any category like MLM Website, Social networking website, Classified website, Company/Organization website, Dating or Matrimonial website, Business website, Wordpress Blogs, Adsense websites, etc. We do add all useful applications by our-self for free and also we do SEO so that people can find your websites in search engines....Readmore...

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NSDC Training Program

About 163 courses are there in this program.

Course Duration : Approx.120 Hr.

The eligibility criterion for enrolling the student is as follows:

·         Candidate must have an Aadhar card/NPR.
·         He must have an account with SBI / or any other Nationalised Bank.
·         He must be 10th pass.

 Training Partner must furnish with respect to persons engaged by him at the center  the following:

      A) 4 passport size photographs.
      B) A copy of the Resume.
      C) Attested copy of Degree/Diploma Certificate
      D) Experience certificate(s).

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IT Survey Outbound Process

Project Name: IT Survey
Campaign Type: Outbound | Pay on performance | B2C Scope of Project: Taking Survey.
Brief about Campaign: Taking Simple Survey 
Center Payout: $ 5
Payout Cycle: Weekly

Leads : Not Provided.
Dialer : Not Provided
VOIP : Not  Provided

Target Market : US, UK, Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia
Training : Script Provided and online support provided
Minimum Seats Required : 5 seats

Contact us to discuss for the commercials.

  1. Signup with the end-client.
  2. All Surveys tracked through CRM portal.
  3. Online Support for individual centers.
  4. Payment made weekly via wire transfer/NEFT transfer.
  5. Customer should qualify and complete the entire survey.
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PC Tech Support Sales Process

Project Name: PC Tech Sales | Technical Support Campaign

Campaign Type: Outbound | Pay on performance | B2C 
Scope of Project: Subscription Plan Sales.
Brief about Campaign: Selling Tech Support Subscription Plans. 
Center Payout: Upto 80% of Revenue Generated
Payout Cycle: Weekly

Target Market: US, UK, Australia, Europe and Canada
Training: Script Provided and Online/Onsite Training Provided
Minimum Seats Required: 10 seats

Commercials Involved:

Leads : Provided
Dialer : Provided
VOIP : Provided
CRM : Provided
PPC (Optional) : Provided
Payment Gateway : Provided
Training : Provided

Contact us to discuss for the commercials.

  1. Signup with the end-client or start your own process.
  2. All Sales tracked through CRM portal.
  3. Online Support for individual centers.
  4. Payment made weekly via wire transfer/NEFT transfer.
  5. Customer should qualify and complete the entire survey / Lead.

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Offline Typing Project (HTML Tagging)

Offline Typing Project (HTML Tagging)

Project Details:

Rate per Page: 100 Rupees
Pages: 240 to 250
Tat: 15 days
Duration: 1 year
Earning per Month: 250 * 100 = 25,000/-
Commercials: Contact us to know commercials
Agreement: 11 months
Technical Support: Provided

HTML Tagging Project For 1 id.

The accuracy should be ABOVE 50.1%

90.1% - 100.0%   = Rs. 25,000/-
80.1% - 90.0%     = Rs. 20,000/-
70.1% - 80.0%     = Rs. 10,000/-
60.1% - 70.0%     = Rs.    5000/-
50.1% - 60.0%     = Rs.    2000/-
Below 50.1%       = NIL (Slot Termination)


Line missing / Extra Line                            Each line                       10% in Slot Accuracy
Improper text alignment(<br> Mistake) Each Page                     5% in Slot Accuracy
Spelling error/ Mismatched Text/Word Each 3 error                  5% in Slot Accuracy
Text missing / Extra Text.                         Each word characters     2% in Slot Accuracy
Extra enters                                             Each 10 Enters                2% in Slot Accuracy
Extra space                                              Each 10 Space               2% in Slot Accuracy
Other line data                                         Each word characters     2% in Slot Accuracy
Double space                                          Each 5 Double Space      2% in Slot Accuracy
Grammar error                                         Each 5 Errors                  2% in Slot Accuracy
Extra symbol / Symbols missing                Each 3 Symbols               1% in Slot Accuracy
HTML coding not used                            Each page                        1% in Slot Accuracy
Wrong HTML Coding                             Each page                        1% in Slot Accuracy

Type Pages Accurately and Get Good Income.

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Indian Post Office Form Filling Process

Offline scanning & Form Filling data entry Project for (DOP) Post Office project

Project Cost per district: 1.50Lac at the time of sign up
No.'s of Field: 07 Fields
Payout per Form: Rs.2.52/-
No. of Data: Up to the Availability of data
Min. no. of Slot (Center)b: 01 No.'s
No.’s of System to Used: 10PC (Normal)
Submission period: 30 days
Payment period: 30 days from the date of submission

Project Valid for Availability of data


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